Co-ownership management services and goods administration with the guarantee of an experienced agent.

With co-ownership management, Bosch API has, from the service intent point of view to our clients and friends, a clear commitment of personalized treatment to each of the neighbors who are part of all of our managed co-owned properties to express an idea: to get considered active partners in the operation and not just their managers.

Co-ownership & goods management services in l’Escala, since 1987. These years have given us the experience to be able to effectively manage all types of community issues: charges, payments and debtors’ claim, as well as hiring and supervising the work of improvement and maintenance. Today, we have trusted more than 1,000 co-ownership residents, of which we manage, and every year we increase the number of buildings. We manage parking garages, buildings from 3 to over 50 neighboring property owners, swimming pools, tennis courts,… Bosch API ensures the best care for your property.

C/ Palau, 4
17130 L’ESCALA – Girona
972 77 15 05 – 972 77 00 02

Sales & Communities

Av. Riells, 71.
L’Escala (GIRONA)
Phone 872 20 00 33

Seasonal rentals

Tel. +34 972 771 505
Bosch Api ® BOSCH API - C/ Enric Serra, 2 - 17130 L'Escala (Girona)


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