Insurances with Catalana Occidente

Bosch provides and manages a wide range of insurance in l’Escala

We are agents of the Catalana Occident Company and we can offer all types of insurance: Insurance Decennial for construction, general construction, family, home, car, life, etc …


Multi-risk insurance, home and family

With Multi-risk insurance Family – Home, you can protect your family and your home against the most common and frequent risks .
The assets and liabilities which can claim are:

  • THE CONTINENT: in a broad sense, is the building or part thereof where the insured.
  • CONTENT: includes items that are inside the house.
  • FAMILY: in case of liability for damages caused to third parties.
  • THE LEGAL DEFENSE: The defense of their interests for claims of starting or claims that may be addressed.

The guarantees of the insurance Multirisk-Family Home can be combined to address risks as fire, theft, water damage, etc.


Insurance with all the advantages

Multirisk-Family Home insurance covers risk groups frequently derived from the deposit, use and enjoy a dwelling. In addition:

  • Gather multiple coverages in a single policy
  • It’s cheaper than hiring separate insurance for each risk.


Service Asitur

For the policies of family-home put at their disposal Asitur service that combines solutions for emergencies (locksmith, electric) and support (sending professionals for repairs by the customer, laundries, restaurants, hotels. ..).
By calling 902 100 326, our clients receive immediate attention.


Telephone Medical Advice Service

Provides our policyholders immediate advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By calling 900 369 369, serves the medical equipment in accordance with the following fields:

  • The specialist home for those emergencies, illness, accident or any situation that requires the advice of a professional.
  • Information on social assistance, and adoption centers, caring for the elderly, official procedures, abuse, etc..
  • Medical counseling or social addressed the hearing impaired and via oral fax 902 158 742.
  • Counseling. A team of psychologists will attend free of charge with no appointment or postponements..


Other insurance

  • Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Rental Insurance
  • Insurance community
  • Life insurance
  • Insurance telecare
  • Health insurance
  • Insurance Funeral
  • Accident Insurance
  • Saving for retirement
  • Investment funds
  • PIAS (Individual Savings Plan Sistmàtic)
  • Pension Plans



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